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Located in the heart of North Vancouver’s Maplewood neighbourhood, Maplewood Gardens is planned to be a vibrant residential community providing a spectrum of housing solutions to support the future growth of this Town Centre. This community of five buildings will offer much needed entry-level homes, affordable rental replacement homes, as well as market rental and down/right-sizing housing options. The new Maplewood Gardens will be well-serviced by the existing amenities at Northwoods Village and Stong's Market, plus its own commercial units fronting the area’s new highstreet – Seymour River Place

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Maplewood Gardens - Before & After

Riverside Drive (South)

New Seymour River Place (North)

Front Street (East)

Project Overview


The community has been planned to ensure zero tenant displacement with a BC Housing partnership on a new, below-market housing program – a first on the North Shore.

Zero tenant displacement:

  • One-for-one replacement of current rental homes on-site with below-market homes for current residents
  • Project construction has been phased to ensure that replacement homes are built first, ensuring that current residents remain in place with a rent freeze (in place since 2015) until the new homes are complete

BC Housing partnership:

  • BC Housing is partnering with Darwin to bring a new provincial below-market rental program to the North Shore
  • The new below-market units will be managed by BC Housing – providing ample and appropriate resources to support tenants


Maplewood Gardens will exceed the District of North Vancouver’s sustainability requirements – proposing the most comprehensive sustainability package ever submitted for approval.

Fossil fuel free:

  • 100% clean energy sources for heating and cooling (electric)
  • No natural gas or fossil fuel energy sources used in homes

Over 50% reduction in overall carbon emissions:

  • Exceeding current District of North Vancouver sustainability requirements, cutting overall carbon emissions by over 50%

Mass timber construction (for midrise building):

  • First mass timber condominium building on the North Shore (12 storeys)
  • 25-30% reduction in carbon footprint and reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional concrete construction

90% reduction in Greenhouse Gas Intensity Target:

  • Maplewood Gardens has set a GHGi Target of 0.8kg CO2 e/m2/yr compared to current District of North Vancouver policy of a maximum of 6kg CO2/ e/m2/yr


Additional and alternative transit options have been prioritized to address traffic concerns.

  • Extension of the B-line rapid bus from the Phibbs Exchange to stop on site
  • 55% less parking than District of North Vancouver bylaw requirements
  • 100% EV charged parking stalls
  • 1,000 bike parking spaces
  • Addition of two bike paths – Old Dollarton Highway and Riverside Drive
  • Located within Maplewood Town Centre – with shops, schools, trails and amenities within walking distance
  • Project completion after Highway 1 improvements are complete – benefitting from improvement in traffic flow

Economic Opportunity

As a component of the Maplewood Town Centre (outlined in the District of North Vancouver OCP), Maplewood Gardens represents a natural next step for growth in the area, bringing support for local businesses and opportunities for employment.

  • The community includes 31,000 SF of commercial and Live/Work space
  • A new neighbourhood ‘high street’, bookended by two public plazas
  • A retail study of the area has demonstrated the need for more residential and commercial density to support existing retail at Northwoods Village
  • Northwoods Village has been a successful addition to the community, delivered by QuadReal – Maplewood Village will extend their investment in the area
Aerial looking from North East FINAL Resized

Project Details


The Maplewood Gardens site is 4.9 acres in the Maplewood area of North Vancouver and bordered by the following streets:

  • Old Dollarton Road to the north
  • Riverside Drive to the east
  • Front Street to the south
  • Seymour River Place to the west
Maplewood Gardens Aerial Site Outlined

Maplewood Area Plan

Maplewood is one of 4 key growth centres, or ‘Town Centres’, identified by the District to accommodate future growth. The Maplewood Plan was adopted by Council in 2017 and provides policy and land use guidance for development in the Maplewood area, including Maplewood Gardens. The Maplewood Plan envisions the area to grow by 1,500 new residential units in the next 20 years.

The Maplewood Gardens development proposal is 100% compliant with the Maplewood Plan.

Project Statistics

The proposal for Maplewood Gardens provides a diverse mix of housing options across 553 new homes, including below-market rental, market rental, and market ownership in varying building forms and unit types (studio to 4 bedroom). The 31,000 square feet of commercial and live-work space will also increase the employment space currently onsite by over 25%.

Below-Market Rental58 units
Market Rental121 units
Market Strata357 units
Live-Work17 units
Commercial8 units (along Seymour River Place)
Vehicle Parking - Residential525 stalls (0.95/unit)
Vehicle Parking - Visitor & Commercial75 stalls (0.15/unit)
Bike Parking - Class 1963 secure residential bike stalls (1.75/unit)
Indoor Amenities15,000sqft+ for residents
Outdoor Green Space (courtyard & rooftop patios)2.9 acres (approx. two-thirds of site)
Building Heights6 storeys (4 buildings) & 12 storeys (1 building)
Floor Space Ratio (FSR)2.50 (complies with Maplewood Plan)
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