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Located in the heart of North Vancouver’s Maplewood neighbourhood, Maplewood Gardens is planned to be a vibrant residential community providing a spectrum of housing solutions to support the future growth of this Town Centre. This community of five buildings will offer much needed entry-level homes, affordable rental replacement homes, as well as market rental and down/right-sizing housing options. The new Maplewood Gardens will be well-serviced by the existing amenities at Northwoods Village and Stong's Market, plus its own commercial units fronting the area’s new highstreet – Seymour River Place.

Maplewood Gardens - Before & After

Riverside Drive (South)

New Seymour River Place (North)

Front Street (East)

Project Details


The Maplewood Gardens site is 4.9 acres in the Maplewood area of North Vancouver and bordered by the following streets:

  • Old Dollarton Road to the north
  • Riverside Drive to the east
  • Front Street to the south
  • Seymour River Place to the west
Maplewood Gardens Aerial Site Outlined

Maplewood Area Plan

Maplewood is one of 4 key growth centres, or ‘Town Centres’, identified by the District to accommodate future growth. The Maplewood Plan was adopted by Council in 2017 and provides policy and land use guidance for development in the Maplewood area, including Maplewood Gardens. The Maplewood Plan envisions the area to grow by 1,500 new residential units in the next 20 years.

The Maplewood Gardens development proposal is 100% compliant with the Maplewood Plan.

Land Use

The proposed land use in the Maplewood Plan will remain unchanged, given the Maplewood Gardens proposal is 100% compliant with the Maplewood Plan and its land use designations. The land uses in the Plan include retail commercial, mixed use, multi-family housing, and live-work housing.

Maplewood Area Plan Land Use For Web

Mobility & Traffic Improvements

The development proposal includes many improvements to lessen traffic in the neighbourhood:

  • Road dedication along Old Dollarton Road to allow for future B-Line bus stop
  • Road dedication along Riverside Drive to create a separated bikepath and improved sidewalk
  • Road dedication to extend Seymour River Place to Front Street, a new north-south connection
Riverside Drive New

New separated bikepath & sidewalk on Riverside Drive

Seymour River Place New

New street (Seymour River Place) with public plaza at Front Street

Development Statistics

The proposal for Maplewood Gardens provides a diverse mix of housing options across 553 new homes, including below-market rental, market rental, and market ownership in varying building forms and unit types (studio to 4 bedroom). The 31,000 square feet of commercial and live-work space will also increase the employment space currently onsite by over 25%.

Below-Market Rental58 units
Market Rental121 units
Market Strata357 units
Live-Work17 units
Commercial8 units (along Seymour River Place)
Vehicle Parking - Residential525 stalls (0.95/unit)
Vehicle Parking - Visitor & Commercial75 stalls (0.15/unit)
Bike Parking - Class 1963 secure residential bike stalls (1.75/unit)
Indoor Amenities15,000sqft+ for residents
Outdoor Green Space (courtyard & rooftop patios)2.9 acres (approx. two-thirds of site)
Building Heights6 storeys (4 buildings) & 12 storeys (1 building)
Floor Space Ratio (FSR)2.50 (complies with Maplewood Plan)

Development Plan

The proposed redevelopment intends to expand on existing active recreational park space, enhancing available green spaces and environmentally sensitive features for future generations through its landscaped courtyard, and series of outdoor and covered amenities.

Riverside Drive New

Community Benefits

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Courtyard looking E FINAL Resized 2

Current Residents

Maplewood Gardens Today

Currently, there is an aging rental complex on site – Maplewood Gardens Apartments – made up of the following:

Darwin acquired the property in 2015 and has not raised rents in the five years since. We have been regularly communicating updates to our current residents, and have conducted two surveys to understand future housing needs.

Darwin also hired an experienced resident specialist, LPA Development Consultants, to act as a dedicated resource to assist with resident needs. In fall 2019 LPA held one-on-one meetings with existing residents, to learn more about their household makeup and housing needs.

Project Phasing

Phasing for the entire development is planned around building the replacement rental homes first; minimizing the impact to our current residents and ensuring that no one is displaced outside the Maplewood community. Residents will remain living in their current homes whilst the new building is constructed on the same site. Once the replacement building is complete, residents can move into the new homes, after which the existing residential buildings will be demolished.

Project Phasing PH

Replacement Rental Building

Darwin’s plan is to replace the 58 aging market rental units currently on the site with 58 brand new below-market rental units at below-market rents for our current residents. As much as possible, the unit mix largely reflects unit type requests from tenants in the fall 2019 one-on-one interviews with the tenant specialists at LPA.

The replacement building offers a wide range of unit types, including live-work units and 4-bedroom homes. Two-thirds of the units in the new building will be 2+ bedroom homes, to reflect the family-sized housing requested by our current residents.

Unit Type


1 Bedroom

2 Bedroom

3 Bedroom

4 Bedroom

Replacement Rental Building






BC Housing Partnership

Darwin has formed a partnership with BC Housing on this project. BC Housing has agreed to take on the management of the replacement rental building. BC Housing is an experienced and reputable manager of rental housing projects across the province and across the housing spectrum, and will act as a resource and excellent landlord to the residents of this building. Through a new BC Housing rental program, Darwin is able to offer these 58 brand-new homes at below-market rents to residents currently living in market rental apartments at Maplewood Gardens.

This will be the first BC Housing project in the Maplewood area and the first time this new BC Housing below-market rental program is offered in the District.

Two-Bedroom Home in Replacement Rental Building

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